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Michele grew up riding, competing, and learning about horsemanship both in the U.S and Argentina. Her goal for Serenity Show Stables  is to provide quality  training for riders and horses alike, as well as opening the doors of the elite equestrian world to anyone who has ever dreamed of having that unique love that only a horse can give.

 With over 25 years of experience teaching in two continents, she has developed proven methods of training, with every new horse she is continuously adding to her portfolio; customizing programs that are tailored to each individual. Over the years Michele has created a challenging yet fun environment where riders thrive, learn, grow, and push limits they didn't even know they had. She still actively rides, and competes, fueling her passion for developing young horses and bringing out the best of what each one has to offer. 

Languages: English, Spanish, French 


A native Puerto Rican, Carlos’s passion for the rural lifestyle started at a young age. His childhood was spent alongside his grandfather and uncle taking in all aspects of farm life. As the years passed he continued to dream of a life outside the city. Serenity show stables was founded on his vision of creating a place where people can come, spend the day escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. His daughter is an accomplished equestrian and because of that he left his company position of 23 years and has devoted his life to creating a family-friendly environment where he can share his love and passion for animals with all.


Kobi is everywhere you don't want him to be. With unlimited and unwanted licks for all, this handsome dude always has a smile on his face.

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